Monday, April 11, 2005


Since I just happened to have some of the Silky Wool, I started this scarf yesterday.

It was all going fine at first. I noticed a small mistake, but it was one I could live with. Then I had to leave for the theatre (I'm a stage manager), so I printed out the pattern and made an enlargement of the chart. My printer is a little low on ink, and some of the symbols were kind of light, so I traced over them with pencil.

Later at the theatre, I was working on the scarf and every so often my stitch count would be off. I'd take apart the row and do it again, and I'd still have an extra stitch. I kept plugging along at it, then held it up and realized that it was a disaster. So I frogged the whole thing. I started again and kept having the same problem.

When I got home, I STILL couldn't figure out what the problem was. I was following my chart exactly right, but I still kept winding up with an extra stitch. Just as I was about to burst into tears and throw the whole thing across the room, my lovely husband said, "Maybe the chart is wrong." I looked at him like he had worms coming out of his ears. But then I compared my printout with the chart online, and sure enough, I'd replaced a k2tog with a k.

Guess it's time to replace the ink cartridge on my printer. And make my honey something really nice.



Blogger Tavie said...

D'oh!! I feel your pain, I copied out the stitch pattern (not the chart, it scares me a bit still!) longhand because my printer's out of ink, and every time I got near the end of row 2 I found I had an extra stitch and would go count and tink, count and tink, and finally started doing a k2tog in frustration. At last, I looked at the online pattern again and saw I'd left out a "k2tog" when I'd copied it... so I had been doing the right thing for the wrong reason. ;)

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