Friday, April 29, 2005

hi there

just joined this great knit-a-long.. i'll probably be done with my branching out this weekend but i'm thinking about making another one soon since somehow a skein of silky wool in the greatest tweed color somehow found its way into my bag as i was leaving my lys... !

this is my second try at knitting lace -- the first was through christine's incredible lelah pattern. you can see my results here - i used cotton tots and it made the lace stitch all texture-y and puffy, i love it.

so, yup, i'm hooked -- lace is awesome. i love seeing everyone's finished photos. and those of you working with mohair, i'm in total awe! that's a little too hair-pulling stress-out for me, newbie that i am ;)


Blogger yuvee said...

Hi, I think Lelah is really lovely, if only I'm slim enough to actually look good in it. I really like the lelah skirt too. Good luck with your branching out ;) this is actually my first lace project, and I'm using mohair yarn. It turns out to be easier to handle than I thought, as long as I'm not making any mistake, that is.

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