Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another New Member...

Well, I've been watching this KAL for a bit now. I started knitting a couple weeks ago and after successfully making 2 squares, I made my next project Branching out. Here is a picture of the current status...10 repeats done.

I didn't have an area with good lighting so just imagine it being more of a brighter turquouise color. (I tried thumbtacking it to my wall for that picture.) Also, since my current knitting supplies equal one set of #8 needles, I obviously don't have super nice yarn...yet! Till the day I have money though, I am using Caron Simply Soft...which is the nicest stuff I've gotten to play with...and it really is soft.


Blogger smariek said...

Your scarf looks good! Don't worry about the yarn. I'm also using "regular" yarn. I think of it as practicing the pattern. Then I'll do it again with nicer yarn, I just haven't decided which one yet.

9:37 PM  

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