Friday, September 23, 2005

Branching out is finished, with nothing left but the blocking. Hopefully I'll be getting around to that this evening, and I'll post pictures once it is complete. I'm hoping that blocking will stretch it out a bit - with 27 repeats, it isn't very long, but I can stretch it out almost to the top of my head, and I'm 5'1". The pattern really opens up when I pull at it, so I'm anxious to get it blocked!

Again, this is a fantastic project for a first lace attempt. The KnitPicks Palette was very easy to work with, and once I got the hang of the pattern, things raced along. I never got to the magic point where I memorized the repeat; did anyone else manage to do that? All of the other scarves are looking fantastic, guys. It's so much fun to see the different types of yarn you are all using - each scarf manages to be unique!


Blogger smariek said...

I never memorized the pattern either, however, there were times when I could anticipate what the next stitches would be from "reading" the knitting.

8:39 PM  

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