Thursday, September 15, 2005

Branching Out

I've been trying to do Branching Out for quite a while, but thanks to a new baby (nine months old on Saturday), an interferin' job, and life, I gave up on it many times. I finally sat down and got in gear, and it is starting to look like something...tangible. This picture is only showing seven repeats, but as of quitting time last night, I was ten repeats into the pattern. I'm using KnitPicks Palette in Green - the price and the yardage were just right!

I can only work on this once the munchkin has gone to sleep (I can't keep him away from my needles, and dropped stitches aren't fun), and I average two repeats a night.


Blogger smariek said...

Looking good. And you WILL finish it someday. I understand your situation as I have a baby mymself (six months old on Saturday), and like you, I can only knit after she goes to sleep.

The KnitPicks Palette yarn comes at an attractive price. What do you think of the yarn? Is it soft enough for a scarf or anything worn near the neck?

12:14 AM  
Blogger Leigha said...

The Palette is wonderful for lace projects. I didn't have too many problems with it splitting, and it slid along my metal straights very easily. All in all, I'll definitely use it again for another lace project in the near future.

8:54 AM  

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