Friday, February 17, 2006

Almost Done

I will be completing my first Branching Out today or tomorrow. I chose this project for the Knitting Olympics. Since I'm finishing with a whole week+ to go before the end of the Olympics, I was thinking about starting a second Olympics project. I'm looking for some input on this.

My first Branching Out is in Elisabeth Lavold Silky Wool. I also bought some Douceur et Soie (these are the two yarns mentioned in the Knitty pattern as most of you probably know - so I wasn't too adventurous I guess!)

After a few rough moments and some frogging in the beginning, I didn't find this pattern very difficult even though it was my first lace. The Silky Wool was fine to work with. For yells, I cast on the Douceur et Soie and knit a row or two this morning to see how it feels. Am I imagining it, or is this yarn tricky to work with? I ended up frogging the couple of rows and found that very prone to shredding the yarn.

So for those of you have used this yarn (or Kidsilk Haze, which I imagine is about the same thing), would I be nuts to try to work with this? I have a fantasy that I can finish TWO Branching Outs during the Olympics, but having tried the ligher yarn I'm not so sure.

My alternative is a Clapotis in Lion and Lamb. I know I can't finish that before the closing ceremonies (unless I quit my job and cut back on sleeping) but I don't think it will be hard (famous last words).

So do any of you B.O. fans have any words of wisdom on this? Shall I forge into the D.e.S. yarn, or give it a rest?

BTW - here is a picture of my Branching Out a few days ago. I expect it will look much better blocked.


Blogger Satori said...

The yarn is beautiful. I can't wait to see it blocked!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

gorgeous yarn!! About the German sock yarn: email Claudia at :

She's a sweetheart & tell her I sent you! She speaks English & takes Paypal

10:32 PM  

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