Monday, May 23, 2005

Hi! Just joined...

...and I am way, way behind. I'm using the Elebeth Lovold Silky Wool #2 but, since this is my first lace project, I practiced the pattern on some yuck-o acrylic first. I did well with that but I've had a complete brain melt-down now that I've started the wool. I have two repeats and sometimes I think I'm destined to only ever have two. I keep botching the third repeat because I really like using a chart (my first time) and I am impatient and won't wait to work on it when I don't have to jump up and attend to something. I must get someplace diversion free.

Also, now that I have read these posts, I have decided I would like to make a wider scarf. And ain't that some big talk from someone who has no idea how to change the pattern?

I'll keep on with the scarf I've started; I have designated, as of today, the time from 6PM to 8PM as Serious Undistracted Knitting Time.

I'm two repeats in and can't wait to start another-I have the same yarn ordered in periwinkle.


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