Friday, July 08, 2005

Branching Around

I started my Branching Out like forever ago and got stuck after abou seven repeats (in part because I had to redo every single row). So I sat down for two hours in a quiet place early in the morning and finally memorized the pattern. At first I had refused to use the chart because I thought it too hard. But it wasn't until I gave in and started using the chart that I was finally able to memorize the whole thing. It's much better now and I'm about 22 repeats in.

I'm using US#8 needles and some handspun wool/mohair/silk stuff from Northern Idaho (I live in Southwest Idaho). I have a picture on my blog (I can't figure out how to post a picture here...any help? I'm a bloggin' baby).


Blogger carriescribe said...

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Blogger carriescribe said...

Sorry, I made a comment to the wrong entry, so I deleted it.

Emily, if you want to post a picture here, I don't know how to do that with Hello (which I think is what a lot of Blogger folks use, but I refuse) but if you've got your photos hosted somwhere else, then you can just use the img button in the compose window and put the url for your image there. (Or just use the img src url tag.)

Hope that helps!

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