Saturday, April 23, 2005

new to blogging...

And this is my first KAL as well.
My Branching Out is in Austerman Peru, a 70% baby alpaca/30% merino mix. I bought 2 balls of it off because it sounded so lux and it was on sale for $2.21 a ball! Now I wish I had boughten a whole lot more, because this is verrrry nice yarn.
After numerous trials on different needles to get the look I wanted, and a couple of rip-out and re-starts, I am on my way with 2 repeats done and error free. And a lifeline in place, just in case!
I am enjoying reading everyone's posts, and seeing the pictures is inspiring.
Janina in Red Deer


Blogger Michele said...

I just found that yarn you are using on you like it? I'm considering purchasing it. I think I must be crazy...I'm not that into the Silky Wool (the yarn it calls for and that a lot of people seem to be using). I'd love to see pictures when you can. take care.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Janina in Red Deer said...

Hi, Michele. Oh, this yarn is sooo nice! The balls are only 75m/81 yrds apiece, so you may want to get at least 3. I only bought 2 balls, and wish I had gotten more.

I must say, this is a very good quality yarn. I have ripped out and re-started at least 8 times, and the yarn is still fine, no splitting, fuzzing or looking worn.
I got "Celestial Blue". It looks greyer on my screen. It is the softest blue-grey, great depth to the color. (My LYSO tells me that better yarns have more sophisticated colorings, and now I see what she means.

For my scarf, I have *finally* settled on using size 4mmm needles. The 4.5mm's make it lacier and more open, but I like the narrower width and slightly tighter fabric at 4mm. (And since I only have the two balls, I am afraid of ending up with a very short scarf if I use a larger gauge!)

So, yes, I really like ths yarn! If there is more of it left when I am able to buy, I will probably get enough of the mid blue (Palace blue?) to make a sweater or shawl.

Oh, one more thing... I wasn't sure about using this for a scarf at first. I haven't worked with alpaca before, and I have read that it tends to stretch out and be limp. I e-mailed the designer, and she thought it would work alright, and I see that the posters here are about evenly split between Silky Wool and some sort of alpaca.
Hope that helps, enjoy the process, Janina

11:08 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

Thanks so much for the information...I will definitely try that yarn; the price is so right too! Take care and can't wait to see the finished or in process product.

1:50 PM  

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