Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blocking the crescent...

I emailed the designer regarding the crescent issue...pulling up in the middle. She assured me that blocking takes care of this :)

I've been admittedly slacking...mostly because I keep frogging it due to mistakes. But, I really am hoping to complete it over the weekend. Wish me luck!


Blogger kstorm said...

I admit that I still keep making mistakes so it is taking me longer than I thought - But make a promise to yourself and don't frog the whole thing any more. I found that if the problem is a missed purl on one of the yarn overs ( or if you missed a yarn over completely - you can fix it (pick it up) in the next row or two. I also have a couple of places where I missed a k2 together but fixed it on the next pattern row - So it may not be perfect - but hey that shows it home made, right?

10:50 AM  

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