Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yarn has arrived! :)

I finally received my yarn. I'm making Branching Out using the Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in Sage. I also ordered another skein of the yarn in Blue for a present for a family member. I'm pretty excited about making this scarf. I've gotten several lace patterns, but they all seem a bit above my head, so I'm hoping this works out and helps me erm, branch out of plain ol' purling/knitting/stockinette. :)

(I'm currently without a digital camera, so pictures will show up after I have the film in my camera developed!)

By the way - I never introduced myself. I'm Manda (knitpsycho on the knittyboards!), and i'm 24. I live in Dallas, and I've been knitting for almost a year. I was taught by my mom when I first picked up the needles, but forgot how to do it after setting it down for a few months. I picked it up back in September and self-taught myself from there. :D


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