Monday, May 09, 2005

New Participant

Hi Everyone

This is my first attempt at lace knitting, and it is going very slowly. Since the below pic was taken I have only done 5 more repeats.

I have worked out that due to un-knitting and reknitting time (at least 2 rows per 10) I take a full one hour TV show to do 1 repeat. Therefore 3 TV shows on Sunday night = 3 repeats.

I think the reason I am going so slowly is that it is a knit that needs concentration and I am trying to watch TV as well. But anyway, I have worked out that I need to do 36 repeats to get my desired length. So 11 down, 25 to go.

By the way- does lace weight yarn stretch more than 'normal' yarn. I am using some 100% Peruvian wool and it doesn't seem to go as far as others on this KAL. If I tried again in lace would I need as much yarn as I am going to??? hmmmmmmmmm


Blogger AprilBrokenA said...

The one I did with laceweight on size 8 needles used very little of the yarn I had planned for it - maybe 300 yards? So, I'm making another one!!

I've got some Hand Painted that will become scarves too - 850 yards of it!

4:01 PM  
Blogger greengirl said...

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