Friday, May 06, 2005

She loves me even if...

I've frogged a total of three times and decided that I desperately need a row counter! That and I am switching to bamboo because it is just too loose and flies about on the silver circs. Glad I gave Mom part of her Mother's Day gift when I saw her a few weeks back. It should have been done but, she's a little Italian peach and would love it just as much 3 days late!
Oh Froggy, go live somewhere else for a while :(


Blogger Diana said...

The row counter is immensely helpful. I tried using Clover bamboo initially, but I found them too blunt (I'm a sometimes tight knitter) for this project. I ended up going with Brittany Birch needles, but the Denises probably would have been the best since they are quite pointy ;)

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