Thursday, May 05, 2005

Phooie-- Stalled!

So there I was, knitting away, having a great old time. I have even conquered the nefarious Row 7, finally got into a rhythym with it.
I have 40 inches of Branching Out done. Forty inches, with only 8 inches of yarn left. And 40 inches of scarf does not do what I want a scarf to do.
Phooie! Should've bought that one more ball I was thinking of.

Sooo... here I am, waiting for payday and envying the ones who have actually finished their scarves already.
Since it is silly to buy a ball of yarn for 2 dollars, and then spend 5 dollars on shipping, I found a few more things I need at Enough yarn to make a very cute beret as well as finish the scarf, and some needles, and an amazing beaded sock pattern, and, and, and!
(The fact that I have not knitted anything in the round, attempted even a single sock, nor beaded anything yet does not deter me. After all, I can spit splice!
Hmm. Maybe I am a little too jazzed about that?)


Blogger kmckiernan said...

You definitely should not let that deter you. "I am knitter hear me roar!" is my motto! =) And absolutely there is no reason to spend more on shipping than you do on a ball of yarn, and really you were saving yourself time and energy by ordering a bunch of things all at once and saving the poor UPS' guys back so he only has to haul it once! =)

7:35 PM  

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