Saturday, April 23, 2005

I refuse to give up!

So after 5 repeats, I frogged it all. I was just too annoyed w/ it. But I'm back to where I was before I frogged and this version looks so much better.

I don't know why I'm finding this pattern so difficult. I'm not new to lace, the stitches are all ones I'm comfortable with. I think it's because I keep trying to knit at work, where I'm distracted. So I'm purposely going very slowly to try to prevent mistakes or dropped stitches. At this rate, I should be finished sometime in 2007


Blogger D said...

No worries...I have frogged mine a bunch as well. This is my 1st lace endeavor also, so tinking back is a pain AND I manage to screw it up! But, I am determined to finish my WIPs...I swear!

10:14 PM  

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