Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ta-dah, Ta-dah, Ta-DONE!

Doing the Happy Dance here: Branching Out is done! Blocked, ends woven in, well and truly done! Yee-haaw! (Oops, that slipped out. Westerner Days here, you know.)

I went with just the three balls of yarn and a good thing, too. Blocked, the scarf finished out at a comfortable six inches wide, and eighty inches long! The scarf grew 20 inches in blocking!
I used two ironing boards end to end for the blocking. And I discovered that it is nigh well impossible to block a straight edge with pins. This is good to know as I embark on the Kiri shawl. I will have to get some of those thin stainless steel welding rods for my next blocking episode.
Modeled the beret and scarf, and I look tres chic. This set will be just the thing for spring/fall wearing on all those deceptively clear-skied days when you don't need a parka, but you sure do need something to keep the chill off.
The hat is matching only in that it is made from the same yarn. I briefly considered trying to incorporate the lace pattern into the hat, but quickly abandonded the idea in favor of retaining my composure while learning to knit with porcupines.

I sure wish I could post a picture, but my digital fell a while back, and is now fit only to be the doomed subject of my son's fascination with screwdrivers. Thanks for tolerating the blather, and I look forward to reading more adventures with Branching Out here.

Janina in Red Deer


Blogger smariek said...

Wow, 80 inches is a long scarf! I hope you can post pictures soon.

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