Friday, October 21, 2005

new & split

Hi everyone! This is my first knitalong, so y'all be kind.

I've been thinking about this pattern for months, and this week I finally pulled out the silky wool to start it. Unfortunately, the yarn got knotted up and someone (I'm not saying it was MY HUSBAND) pulled a little too hard. So now I have two balls of yarn. Still, I figure this only puts me out one repeat. Maybe.

Anyway, I've done one repeat and can't quite see the pattern yet. I need to stop knitting my Jayne hat and really get going on this scarf!


Blogger smariek said...

Have you tried joining the two pieces of yarn? I don't know if you can do a Felted Join (aka "spit splice"), if not, can try the Russian Join. Or just do the plain method of dropping the old yarn and knitting with the new, and weaving in ends.

8:26 PM  

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