Saturday, December 31, 2005

Progress on a new BO Scarf

Here is knitting progress (at last!!!) on the Branching Out Scarf:

It's actually a very pretty fuschia & aubergine combination, but no amount of cajoling could get the colors true. :( Please take my word for it, it's really really pretty. It's in a Mohair blend yarn that's just as soft and light as air. I'm making this for my mema, who wants a nice scarf, as they're all the rage this season. Check out that lacework!!! I'm about 5 repeats in I had a little difficulty at first, but this seems to be a no-frogging yarn, so I'm just kind of having to work my way along and be less critical of my work. Aside from the vein that's supposed to go straight up the middle, I think the rest of the little ooopsie's are not too terribly noticeable.


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